How to Quit Porn and Live a Better Life


So maybe you’ve decided that it’s time to quit looking at porn, but you just don’t have the motivation to do it yet. It’s hard to break any habit, especially one that’s so accessible and addictive! Some people will insist it’s actually healthy too, which only enables us to keep doing it. So why exactly should you stop if people say that it’s good for you? This article will cover almost everything you need to know to help you learn how you can stop watching porn, as well as why it’s not as good or healthy as many people tend to think.

Before we start learning how to quit watching pornography, it’s important that we go over some of the major benefits that addicts tend to experience after quitting porn for an extended period of time. These benefits should help you with the motivation required to stop the addiction for good.

Benefits of Quitting Porn addiction:

Here’s the truth: most people do experience numerous benefits when they quit masturbating to porn. In fact, learning how to quit porn can be one of the most beneficial things you ever do for yourself. So here are some of the most rewarding benefits of quitting porn and masturbation.

1) Boosts testosterone:

This is probably the most well-known of the benefits of quitting porn. One study showed that your testosterone levels rise within a week after you stop masturbating, which results in a much higher testosterone baseline in the long run.

2) Increased motivation for other activities:

Most of the evidence here is anecdotal, but it’s so pervasive that most people have accepted it as fact. The overwhelming majority of people who have stopped masturbating have later reported more motivation for work, school, and other activities. Part of this may be biological, but part of it probably stems from the feeling of success you will experience knowing you have broken a bad habit. Talk about a confidence boost!

3) Quitting Porn Saves Time:

Sure, it may not seem like it takes much time for you to masturbate to unhealthy content (unless you’ve got a serious, compulsive problem going on: in which case you should seek immediate intervention!), but all that time adds up– especially if you watch porn. There are a lot of guys who spend up to an hour looking for the ‘perfect’ pornography. That time could be spent doing far more productive things.

4) A feeling of power and confidence:

After you quit masturbating, you will feel empowered, strong and confident. Many guys are addicted to masturbation and pornography, and they don’t even realize it! Once you kick the habit for good, you will take control of your life again. You will no longer feel compelled to lock yourself in your room with your laptop every day. This is one of the best┬ábenefits of quitting porn and masturbation. Removing porn from your life allows you to become the best possible version of yourself. These feelings of power and confidence are often referred to as ‘superpowers’ by those who quit watching porn long enough to obtain them.

“Why I stopped Watching Porn” – A very inspiring Pornography Addiction lecture by Ran Gavrieli at TedX.

5) Better social skills and lowered anxiety:

here’s another extremely common result of breaking the masturbation addiction! Most guys say that they feel more comfortable in social situations, experience lowered stress levels, and actually show better social skills. Quitting masturbation is often a great motivator for guys who have previously had difficulty socializing. Some who previously had crippling social anxiety report that their symptoms totally disappeared after they stopped masturbating!

6) Higher sex drive:

This is all biochemical, but it’s a huge perk! If you quit pornography, your sex drive will skyrocket. If you’re already in a relationship, that’s better for both you and your partner. If not, it can be the driving force you need to put yourself out there. Think about it, if you’re single and you watch porn and masturbate all day then chances are you’re going to have no motivation, or even the ability to find a new partner.

7) You will be more attracted to the women around you:

The Women in pornography are not real people, they are actors. They don’t actually look like that, and sex doesn’t really happen that way. If you get rid of pornography, your tastes will develop around real, attainable women. Many guys have reported feeling more attracted to their girlfriends after they stopped watching porn and masturbating for a while. Who needs fantasy when you can have the real thing?

Understanding How Porn Addiction Works:

Knowing the benefits of quitting porn should bring you some strong motivation to take steps towards quitting it for good. However, without knowing how to quit porn, motivation alone is usually not enough to succeed in doing so. Before we begin to take steps towards quitting a nasty porn habit, It’s important that we understand what causes porn addiction to begin with.

So truth be told Masturbation can be completely healthy as long as it’s done safely, and in moderation. However, when it gets out of hand and you’re masturbating to porn 3-4 times a day, this can be quite dangerous. If you have a porn addiction, then chances are you probably watch porn in order to some sort of gap or emptiness in your life. A lot of guys(and gals) use porn as a coping mechanism for dealing with the negative emotions that they’re experiencing throughout the day. So instead of confronting their problems, they turn to porn a temporary escape from reality.

There are a few key reasons why we turn to porn when we’re uncomfortable. The main reason is that when we watch porn, it releases the neurotransmitter Dopamine, which is responsible for the feelings of reward and excitement. This essentially makes porn(and masturbation) a powerful, but dangerous stress and anxiety reliever. The problem is that this “relief” is very short-lived, and after giving in and watching porn we often feel even worse than we did before.

Porn’s effect on dopamine in the brain is what makes it such a potential hazard. If you watch porn too often, then you can essentially create the same type of addiction that hard drug users develop. This means that in order to feel normal you will need to watch it more and more. This is not only bad for your health, but it’s also a huge waste of time. Perhaps the most disturbing consequence is that excessive use often leads to sexual dysfunction when one does not have access to porn. In some of the worse cases, guys report losing their function down there completely after years of porn abuse. This brings me to my last point of this topic, which is that porn addicts tend to take longer periods of time to recover based on how long they’ve been hooked.

5 Crucial Steps for Quitting Porn Permanently:

Well, now that we know the primary cause of porn addiction we can begin to break down the problem even further. Here are 5 key steps you can take that will help lead you to a porn-free life for good.

Step 1) Identify Why your triggers:

This step is the first and also the most important step to figuring out how to quit porn. You must get to the root of the problem and discover what’s actually causing you to abuse Porn. Do you turn to porn because you’re feeling depressed, or maybe even bored? Perhaps you work in a very stressful environment, so you turn to porn when you get home to take your mind off matters at work. Whatever the case, Identifying the cause of your porn habit is essential for successfully getting rid of it.

Step 2) Create a better routine:

So once you know when and why you tend to watch porn, you can now implement a strategy to avoid your triggers and change your habits. This is actually quite simple to do. For instance, if you’re watching porn because you’re bored all the time, then come up with a routine that is more exciting, and leaves you with much less extra down time to think about watching porn. You can join a gym, learn to play guitar, meet new friends, or maybe visit your local library. The important thing is to just get your routine down and stick to it.

Step 3) Stay away from Media:

So until you’re confident that you have the self-control to not suddenly relapse, it’s best to avoid media as much as possible. This means no television, no Youtube, no magazines, or even music that is likely to trigger sexual thoughts. Let’s be honest here, media companies are constantly throwing sex in in our faces. All it takes is just 1 sexual image to trigger our desire for porn, and it’s impossible to control what images you see on these forms of media. You can still use the computer, but be very cautious and aware of which any you decide to visit. If this becomes a problem, then you should just stop using the computer and internet for a while. Maybe get a few new books to read to keep you busy instead of using your time on PMO.

Step 4) Change your views about Sex:

Porn can cause us to think that sex is about controlling women and that it’s a dirty, evil thing. This is an unhealthy way to view sex, and it often leads to the desire to watch more hardcore forms of porn that spiral the addiction further and further. Sustaining from porn for a while will help you regain a healthier view towards sex and relationships in general. This step is a crucial part of permanently disposing of your porn addiction for good. If we view sex as the way it is portrayed in porn, then that will ultimately lead us right back porn. Release whatever toxic views you have about sex, and try to see it for the natural, healthy thing that it is.

Step 5) Enjoy your new Porn-Free life, and Don’t go back:

Have you finally beaten porn addiction? If so, then congratulations my friend. A limitless, and fulfilling life is ahead of you. Without the grip of porn addiction, you can now live the life that you’ve truly desired. Keep in mind that it’s important that you do not forget what life was like before you learned to deny your impulsive sexual behaviors. If the desire to relapse comes around, then just remember how miserable it made you, and how much stronger you’ve become after you quit.