Porn induced erectile dysfunction and How to Cure it


Sure, it is what it is – frequently masturbating to porn often leads to an addiction that results in porn induced ed (Erectile dysfunction). According to many medical professionals, only quitting porn (abstaining from masturbation and porn) can fully reverse the problem. Early studies suggested that masturbation may be helpful to your body by reducing stress. That fact is only true if masturbation is regulated and does not affect your relationships.

“When you start watching porn, a huge flow of dopamine floods the brain,” says psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Waterman, at Morning Recovery Center located in Newport California. According to the doctor, the receptors in your brain starts becoming less sensitive over time and that affects the normal physical intimacy. Why? Your brain starts producing less dopamine that is needed to stimulate receptors. In a nutshell, it means that the graphic porn you watch, and the longer you watch it, the more porn you may need to become erect. In many cases, the trend leads to men being unable to maintain an erection when in sexual contact with a partner.


Regularly, the porn-induced erectile dysfunction can create additional performance and anxiety-related concerns, transforming into a condition that is both psychological and biological. Many medical doctors indicate that some people may start feeling anxious, frustrated, sleepless, and irritable and may also start experiencing real self-confidence problems. In severe cases, you can easily lose a spouse and suffer from other break-up related traumas. Remember there is no definite number of times that indicate how many masturbating sessions are healthy because sexual health may differ from one person to the next. If the act does not interfere with your daily routines like sex life with your partner, social life, and your work life, then there is no problem with it.

How to cure Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction and Low Libido:

Luckily, if you have erectile dysfunction, the cure is usually quite simple. You first need to learn how to quit porn so that you can overcome the urges of masturbation as much as you possibly can. The benefits start showing within 6-12 weeks after your brain starts rebounding. During that recovery period, your sensitivity to typical dopamine starts to change although the time varies. For some people, reaching physiological equilibrium or homeostasis is simple because it happens much quicker. Time is the key factor for those recovering from the effects of excessive porn and masturbation.

There are also some herbs and supplements that can be very helpful for ED.  Horny Goat Weed is a herb that has been used for a long time to treat low libido and erectile dysfunction. Below you can find an Amazon link to the product we think is the best horny goat weed supplement. This supplement contains not only Horny Goat Weed, but it also includes Maca Root Powder, Tongkat Ali, L Arginine (HCL), Saw Palmetto, & more! These substances are all known to be great for treating and healing erectile dysfunction as well as low libido/energy.


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Lastly, the benefits may start showing after a few weeks but that initial period is followed shortly after by a libido flatline that may last for a couple of weeks depending on the complexity of your addiction. The flat-line period withers after some time, but the key to coming out from it successfully is by holding yourself accountable. Recovery is a process, don’t give up!

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