How to Stop Fapping


How to quit Masturbating:

Has Masturbation formed part of your daily life? We understand that you have tried time and again to get control of the situation without success. We also understand that masturbation is a culture that is practiced across the globe and that most adolescents are prisoners to this norm and for this, here’re 5 ideas on how to stop fapping for good.

Okay, let’s have a look at the ways that will help you stop fapping.

(1) Keep yourself busy and stay focused

If you are addicted to masturbation, one vital step towards getting yourself off the hook is ensuring that you stay busy. When you get busy with your life you will have no time to think about masturbating as you will have all your attention shifted somewhere else. The most likely reason you would find yourself masturbating is that you’re idle or bored. In an attempt to get busy you can get yourself involved in some sporting activities that consume much of your mental time. Games such as chess and scrabble that requires a lot of thinking could be of help.

(2) Be creative

The act of shifting one’s sexual urge to something else, sublimation, has been in use for several centuries. You can control your sexual urge by getting involved in various activities such as hiking, writing, reading novels and solving puzzles.

(3) Minimize solitude times

Research has shown that most people masturbate due to loneliness. You should try and make friends and join various social clubs which shall consume much of your time and in return save you from masturbation.

(4)What does your religion teach about masturbation?

Most religions have a strong stand when it comes to masturbation. Understanding what your religion says about masturbation is another approach that would be of help.

(5) Avoid watching porn and reading pornographic content

You should at all times avoid watching porn on your computer. The more you watch porn the more your sexual desire and thus the higher the chances of masturbating. Our mind is controlled by our senses in most cases and as a result, controlling what we see will most definitely reduce our chances of masturbating. We believe the most important step to stop fapping is to learn how to quit porn.
In summary, Masturbation is not a practice that you will stop in a day, but you have to be patient and persistent in your effort to stop fapping. It actually calls for persistence and positive attitude.

Masturbating to porn can become a very serious addiction. If you find that it’s starting to take over your life and interfere with your daily work, then it’s a wise idea to learn how to quit masturbating and take back control of your life. By following these steps, you can rewire your brain and develop more healthy habits, and an overall better lifestyle.