How to stop objectifying women

Many people are grappling with the problem of addiction to pornography or masturbation, or both. Although either gender can be affected by this problem, men are the greatest casualties. Since it is an activity that mostly takes place in the closet, there is no data available to quantify the levels and distribution of porn and masturbation addiction among persons of various ages, but it’s believed that the problem is widespread.

At the early stages, many people can control the rate of masturbation or the frequency watching of pornography. However, as time goes on, the addiction to these vices takes a toll on their lives and they find that they cannot control when to do it – it just happens. Among the undesirable, and most common symptoms of porn addiction and masturbation is objectifying of women.

What is objectification?

Women objectification refers to the act or behavior of treating women as objects of sexual pleasure. More broadly, objectification means the act of treating women as object or commodity without regard to their dignity or personality. Psychologists examine this act at the society level but it’s also important to examine it on an individual level.

How can you overcome it?

Women objectification is the symptom of another underlying condition; masturbation or porn addiction. Thus, if you learn how to quit porn and masturbation, you will improve the chances of overcoming this problem. A question then arises, how do you overcome this underlying condition?

How to overcome addiction to masturbation or porn addiction:

The first step towards overcoming any addiction starts by accepting that you are addicted and that you need help. The best place to get help with addiction from a professional sex addiction counselor. There are many of these professionals online and even in your local area. They are trained to observe high degrees of privacy and confidentiality with their clients. Once you accept that you are addicted to the vice and it’s the time to let it go, you won’t find giving up masturbation and watching of porn very challenging.

Just like an addiction to drugs, you may not be able to stop the habit of watching porn or masturbating at once, but gradually you can forgo it and live a normal life. Since women objectification is a state of the mind, which develops when one gets addicted to sex or masturbation, or both, when you live a life free of these, you will begin to develope much more positive view of women.

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